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Type: Short   Region: Iran   Year: 2018  
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《King of B (2010)》Storyline
"Marcellus, watch the second from the right in front.He""s a Thracian.They were going to kill him for hamstringing a guard....Don""t overdo it, Marcellus.He has quality.The stoic and resistant Spartacus was picked out of he group and warned by Marcellus: "You just remember, from now on everything you do I""ll be watching.When knocked down, she complained: "How could you? I""m a woman," but then when he apologized, she retaliated with a swift kick and her whip: "As I was saying, I""m a woman and can""t be taken for granted.At his ex-wife""s gravesite, a recuperating and bruised Riggs apologized to Vicki for not visiting regularly, and to speak about his relationship with Lorna - telling how he loved her and wanted to make her happy, but admitting not knowing what to do about marriage.The talented Chicago-based Dr.John Cukrowicz (Montgomery Clift) (Cukrowicz means "sugar" in Polish) was a sensitive-minded, brilliant psychiatric neuro-surgeon who was about to perform a frontal lobotomy on a female patient - it was the first psycho-surgery operation in he state "on the brain of a woman suffering from acute schizophrenic withdrawal.And then he wildly and destructively pushed multiple ice blocks down an ice chute to the ground - symbolically rejecting the coldness in his life.