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He Did It (Video 1979)

He Did It (Video 1979)

Top cast:
Tom Santschi,Eugenie Besserer
Ol Parker 
Rocky follows them to their dark basement hideout, walks in on them, and threatens them with a fake gun in his coat pocket: "You're all covered.Detail
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《He Did It (Video 1979)》Storyline
I know, cause I"m a helluva card player.And I can"t even spot how you"re cheatin"." Although Sundance attempts to ignore the insulting accusation, other players back off.Macon stands with his immense hand readied by his holstered gun: "The money stays - you go."Butch enters the saloon - he would rather rely on his brains than gunplay, and so he interrupts an impending shoot-out:Butch: We seem to be a little short on brotherly love around here."In the woods, Jason stumbled upon a fivesome of corporate sales executives (four males and one female) wearing protective eye-goggles and camouflage uniforms, and playing paint-ball wargames:Katie (Ann Ryerson)machete-wielding, female-hating sexist Burt (Wallace Merck), wearing a black DEAD headbandStan (Matthew Faison)Larry (Alan Blumenfeld)geeky Roy (Whitney Rydbeck)The only female in the group, Katie was eliminating most of the other males in the group, infuriating Burt.I"m just dyin" to have a drinkie." Humbert follows him into the next room, pitilessly warning him: "You"re dying anyway, Quilty." The pistol of the gun barrel is pointed directly at him.Quilty must realize that he is being sentenced to death, as he mockingly reads aloud a "smutty" note about ransgressing with the young girl Lolita (".The film"s character, Hollis Mulwray, was loosely derived from LA"s real-life water engineer William Mulholland (the General Manager of LA"s Bureau of Water Works and Supply), who orchestrated the purchase of water rights and the piping of water from the High Sierras into Los Angeles by an aqueduct hat flowed through the now-valuable San Fernando Valley north of LA.Her thumb-print imprint on the elevator button, a "thumbprint analyzer," alerted a suspicious Marine surveillance security guard in plain-clothes to ask for her ID.