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New Nation (1996)

New Nation (1996)

Top cast:
James J. Corbett,Peter Courtney
Doug Liman 
Retaliating in a rage, Brent came out into the open where he shot and killed ape commander Ursus, and continued to fire upon other gorillas until he was struck down and died in a massive volley of bullets.Detail
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《New Nation (1996)》Storyline
The coffin lid slowly creaks opens and a hand snakes its way out.A possum lurks next to another coffin.The slamming sound of Dracula"s coffin lid signals hat he has risen.One of his undead brides also slowly opens her coffin with her hand.A gigantic bug, that looks like a wingless bee, crawls out of another coffin.The undead bride emerges by sitting upright within her coffin.A possum descends into a skeleton-filled coffin.The first glimpse of Dracula, a 500 year old vampire, is shocking.He is standing upright next to his coffin, wrapped tightly in an all-enveloping black cape.His ashen face with a piercing, unmoving, cold fixed gaze is illuminated with an unholy glow from he twilight and his black hair is slickly combed straight back.In a stretch of flat and remote desert, a sonic boom announced the arrival of General Zod"s drop-ship spacecraft - out of which emerged Zod"s loyal second-in-command Faora-Ul (Antje Traue).He reluctantly agreed: "You"re right.It would destroy us." Anakin began o suffer recurring nightmares of harm and pain coming to his mother Schmi Skywalker (Pernilla August), who he had left behind on Tatooine as a slave when he departed to train as a Jedi.]Anglo-Austrian director Frederick Baker created a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at the making of the film, including interviews, with the documentary essayShadowing the Third Man (2004).He refuses to take the ticket from Sgt.Paine: "You ell the Major I won"t need it.Oh porter, order me a ticket tonight for the Josefstadt Theatre."At the Josefstadt Theatre that night after the performance, Holly introduces himself to the woman from the cemetery, "Miss (Anna) Schmidt" (Alida Valli).